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Agricultural machinery

The company was founded by brothers Carlo and Naldo Monni in 1934, to operate in the field of agricultural equipment repairs. During World War II, the Monni workshop repaired military engines.

The ingenuity of Monni brothers has brought the world such inventions as the machine with automatic welding which transforms metal sheets into irrigation pipes, designed by Carlo, as well as patents for the tobacco drying optimisation technology, designed by Naldo.


In the 50s, the workshop of Ponte Pattoli used to repair tractors, plows, seeders, mowers, irrigation pumps… In the 60s, they began the repairs of construction equipment, and up until the 90s this has remained their core business.

Past and present

Since the 90s, the customer base has extended to various locations in central Italy. The workshop moved on from just earthmoving machines to repairing machines for road engineering, forestry, drilling, waste compacting, lifting, construction and demolition.

JCB and Cummins

The company became partners with CUMMINS and JCB for assistance and spare parts service.


In 2007, with the certification of ISO 9001: 2008 issued by ICIM, the company finally received the official recognition for working according to a quality system. The work to obtain this certification has already began several years prior.


In 2008, the company began to specialise in the transformation of Caterpillar pipelayers for the construction of oil pipelines, gas pipelines and aqueducts, working with qualified partners in the pipeline industry.

…The Future on the Web

Since 2010, thanks to the presence on the Web, the company also began to sell engines and overhauled groups abroad, using an exchange program.

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